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Available here in PDF format for $9.99

Drake returns for a brand new, fully colored sex romp in The Auction!

In a sharp change of events from Power Play, the tall demon stud Drake finds himself trapped in the magical bonds of an evil auctioneer.

Put on stage dressed in nothing but a skimpy jockstrap, Drake must defend himself against a sea of hungry demon bidders eager to get their hands all over his beefy muscled bod.

Jumping right into sweaty muscle on muscle action, The Auction features a new cast of hung demons who just wanna grope, suck, and fuck the bound muscle stud any which way they can.

Included among them is an ancient, hulking Elderdemon who would like nothing more than to bend Drake over for himself and bury his mammoth cock deep into Drake’s ass.

Can Drake break free from their greedy clutches, or will he be doomed to a life of of sexual bondage in the sordid demon underworld?

In addition to the full story, the comic contains a massive collection of roughs, sketches, pencils, illustrations, pin-ups, a complete five page prose Drake story called “Of Rock and Fire” and a seven page preview of Drake Origins.

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